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Its absolutely insufferable. I had to unsub from /technology beacuse its just story after story about politics and its overrun with woke idiots. Any logic expressed is downvoted to hell.

And /news .. my god. Its a gathering of every story they can find to paint cops and white people as bad. With the headlines almost always being misleading or outright lies

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Yep I had been following mens rights groups for about a decade before and saw how feminists worked. Then saw the same shit evolve in atheism and occupy wall street. Gamergate was just yet another progression and I warned everyone that its gonna get way the hell worse. That it would spread to governments and be used to get your rights and voice taken away and very few listened at the time. Most thought I was crazy "oh its just a few gender studies teachers and kids on tumblr".

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If they are in here in high enough numbers to downvote things below a threshold to see things, there would also be enough to make tons of woke posts and upvote them to the top too

If we don't have the ability to downvote ridiculous posts, what would happen to them? Are posts curated here? Do the mods censor ones they deem inappropriate? I'd rather it be us the users that vote on the validity of posts.

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I really dont understand how or why.

These people are anti-corporatists, anti-rich. They would love to see all of these companies burn. Yet they are supporting these idiots.


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I really hope this opens up to be a full Reddit replacement. Even the technology and science subreddits are fucking packed with orange man bad bullshit over there. I dont need or want a right wing safespace, Im not even politically on the right. I just dont want far left communist bullshit, political correctness, and woke bullshit thrown at my face everywhere.

edit: man, I really need a thesaurus. I wrote "bullshit" 3 times in that short rant.