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Article makes it sound like it's been going on for awhile but this is the first I've heard of it.

Sounds like more people started caring when the ban hit no game no life, but personally I'm a much bigger fan of the How Not to summon a demon Lord series which supposedly got banned months ago (hard to notice when you can just read it online for free)

as physical stores get forced to shut down in the name of an overblown pandemic online stores suddenly start mass banning everything they don't like, sounds like someone out of power is jealous of Europe's authoritarianism and wants to create a contraband list of their own

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With most the companies that can make use of next gen hardware losing their minds even having a next gen isn't inevitable

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Same woman that banned lewd loli drawings on reddit.

Harm real children: OK

Harm unrealistic drawing of children: ban

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The sub has been getting a lot of love from the donald, but many don't understand much about it yet, looking at the past whenever the issue of whether or not cartoon drawings of kids should have the same protections as real life photos of real kids comes up it's about a 70/30 split against it with most either not caring or wanting to avoid divisive topics, I hope with KIA joining the community more of the Donald will start accepting lewd games and anime.

My biggest concern with the success of this move is remembering how difficult it was to move from reddit to .win for the Donald, it started out small and for awhile there wasn't enough transfers for members to drown out the trolls, was bad enough a choice had to be made between keeping a quarantined reddit page or abandoning support for it to force the remainers to the new site, the mods chose the new site and it worked, but KIA on reddit doesn't have nearly that much tension to leave reddit and even if it did there's going to be fewer willing to transfer to a politics site they don't necessarily agree with

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Got some mixed feelings on this issue, usually I'm like who cares what horrible shit the CCP does to their own Country as long as it doesn't effect other Countries, but I've heard debates on if hong kong is part of China or not as they only recently started forcing their policies there and it's so bad parts of the world (mainly UK, but US is at least considering) are taking in Hong Kong refugees in mass, having US companies making life worse their actually does have negative effects on the US

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As tired as I am of the never ending disaster that TLOU2 is I'd rather the sub get filled with repeats like this just to get the sub away from the welcome and back on track to being about gaming

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Rules aren't being enforced yet but when they are that's removed for unrelated politics, at least on reddit it also would get removed for being a meme in a meme free sub but I'm not positive if that rules being carried over or not, KIA2 is more of the memeing GG sub

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As big tech works on creating an alternative to English have they considered coming up with an alternative to any other languages or is it just English they hate?

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If you don't discriminate against whites and asians than you're racist, a need is rapidly rising for a new anti racism movement that actually believes in judging not by skin color but the content of character to combat the lunatics calling everyone racist.

Would have to be overly cautious about it though due to the lunatics owning most forms of communication and news, they would attempt to highjack it

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Only large budget games have need of a new hardware generation, if what that article claims about making use of the new features makes production costs go up is true then most game companies have no reason to move to next gen.

What I find most concerning is remembering the reason Switch games come in large cases despite the cartridges being so small, it's because Nintendo doesn't want to be seen as having an inferior product compared to their competitors, I worry switch games may also rise in price for the same marketing reason

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Just a dispute over how to moderate the same issues and how broad the topic should be, having seen both they attract different audiences so I don't think members of each get along well enough to merge either

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I know Sony isn't liked in Japan anymore, especially now that they force Japanese game devs to translate game submissions into English and send them into California in hopes of being approved when they have no intention of even releasing outside of Japan.

But regardless of how hated they are if the talks Sony and AT&T go through for Sony buying Crunchyroll, Sony will have a monopoly for Western anime streaming and as manga is greatly attached to anime with so much of it getting adopted into their own shows that gives huge influence to Sony no matter how hated they are, and Sony's not even the only American company buying up the industry

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Much of the industry works in the red, money speaks loud and foreigners are quickly becoming the main buyers for it, with Sony trying to buy up all their competitors for streaming anime it only takes one man's whim to drastically alter what content is allowed

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Foreign countries trying to sabotage the primary export of and culture of Japan, sounds like a government issue to me, wish ours could do something to restore the entertainment industry, but unfortunately it's long gone by now

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He also repealed the Johnson amendment so that churches could talk about politics without losing tax exempt status, but the insanity going on these last few years has revealed how little power the president really has to enforce any of these decisions

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Complaints of foreshadowing upcoming bans, I can only imagine the new justice system these freaks are trying to create as they continue their war on police: if we told you what you weren't allowed to do or what you were arrested for it may hinder our fight against your comrades, so we had to shoot first and ask questions later

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Gaming media scores there's little dispute over them shilling with scores even they don't think the game deserves.

User scores is mostly mixture of a lot angry mob and shills both of which giving scores even they don't think the game deserves, good idea to rule out all 10s and 0s.

Best indicator for a real score is looking at the like to dislike % around a 40% positive which is one very bad chance to like a game you were already interested in enough to buy, would be a better estimate if there was a way to confirm purchases for reviewers but probably wouldn't differ too much

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Though he is the reason for its creation he is not affiliated with the site nor does he protect it, that man can't even protect his own twitch account from being suspended

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Hope this transition works out well, no KIA and I'll be completely off reddit, though would miss some hentai subs, but hey, if this site gets more widely adopted would be awesome to have those subs on a site that doesn't ban 90% of anime characters from being lewded