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Go with the X570 for features. The B550s are the budget boards. Nothing wrong with them, it just depends on what hardware you are planning to use or what your price ceiling is.

I'm looking to do a new build myself soon and I'm debating whether to do it this year or next. Two things to keep in mind, the new Zen 3 (Ryzen 4000) chips are coming out in a month or two, and we'll be getting DDR5 memory within 1-2 years.

I'm so torn on when to build, but I'd definitely wait for the new AMD processors if I were you. They will have a brand new architecture and are rumored to possibly have a double digit IPC increase.

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They tried to justify white hating subs by going with "unless you're in the majority". They're not sending their best.

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It's funny in a way. I used to pirate stuff all the time. Movies, tv shows, music... but now I'm squeaky clean because there's nothing even worth downloading anymore. They succeeded in stopping me from pirating.

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It also made me keenly aware of the bias of the media I consumed. It's terrible to be woke to it now, but there's no putting the genie back in the bottle. Every piece I read now has to be passed through my own round of fact checking before I run with it.

Really? I love it. I just get to reject everything until I see it for myself. It makes my life simpler.

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Yeah it has me thinking we need to rebuild like we are doing here, and just exclude the crazies. Over time, people will be drawn to the positive energy, and the rest will go nuts having to live with each other in the muck.

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I've read that they're working on having you auto-login to other wins if you are logged in to one of them. That should fix the issue when they get it done.

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You can do it on TD if you want. Just don't go crazy about the Juice; we have a lot of them on there and they're mighty fine people.