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Where did this come from? Why did it get shut down? Was that Billy the owner?

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These gatekeepers are the worst thing possible for increase productivity, advancing open source platforms, and moving Linux into the mainstream. No one cares what a bunch of devs say in their own personal little world, as long as the code compiles and does what it says that's all that matters.

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Big Fucking deal. wasn't paid for 1/2 their work? Oh my stars and garters whatever will game journalists have to do.

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The game is goddamn amazing. It's what I wanted in a major AAA game. There's enough plot, gameplay, and quality to keep me going for 40+ hours into the game. I've played it nonstop since release and I'm barely 2/3 done. The rich japanese culture is displayed in all it's stodgy glory with adherence to honor, respect for your enemies, the warrior's code, and the tale of revenge that takes you from beautiful landscape to beautiful landscape.

All those reasons are why SJW's utterly hate the game.

Worth. Every. Penny

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Hambly said in a video he can't afford to keep the site running and give it enough attention it deserves to keep the quality where it's at so he's shuttering the site.

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It's British, you need a license to be outraged.