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yes... they fired a person they never should have hired in the first place... forgive me if i dont cheer too hard.

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i was pretty sure everyone was in agreement that race and sex quotas were a bad thing... but here they are, as a requirement for awards.

Just think about it. A few years ago this would have been a legitimate "-ist" position.

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yes. but despite being such a hellsite, it serves a purpose in the greater ecosystem.

Its containment.

They are literally the splinter site for the extremists of Neogaf. Once the bullshit reached critical mass and the mods at gaf started getting "metoo'd" instead of cleaning up their act they literally peeled off the most zealous of the cult to go start their own compound, with blackjack and hookers...

But without them, those zealots would just be everywhere. On all the sites, in all the boards, just absolutely losing their shit and making us listen to it.

I just wish people inside the industry didnt give them so much influence to a literal cult.

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Im at the point where i question how "real" some of this stuff is because were well beyond the point where the "audience" should have figured out that this kind of discourse is exactly what the industry is looking for because it allows them to quickly deflect from valid criticism of the diminishing quality of their games and feeds directly into their push to centralize power in the name of "safety" by censoring everything.

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Heres the part i find funny about it all.

For generations gamers got by with jostling and jabbing at each other. Saying all kinds of trash talk to one another and there was never this huge "death threat" problem. Sure it happened every now and then, and no one liked it and it was generally frowned upon, but for the most part it just wasnt a thing.

Then about 10-15 years ago, with the huge push to bring everyone into gaming and making video gaming the premiere form of entertainment suddenly there was this crazy issue of "death threats." No matter what was happening someone was going to kill someone else over it, and these threats were taken seriously no matter how improbable they were.

Now you have these normies, who dont have the cognitive ability to separate the messages in the media they are forced to consume from their own personal ideology, insisting that no one be allowed to disagree with them, and anyone who does needs to be "eliminated." This is where i believe this "death threat" issue is coming from. People who have been forced into media they cant properly process, lashing out at the people involved it its creation because A) they have the ability to scream into the void and B) they cant separate seeing an opposing view from having to accept that view.

You have these people who were used to getting everything they wanted exactly as they wanted it being forced into communities and media that had no interest in catering to them. Now gamer culture is used to this much of the culture is generated around being outcast from the larger society, your here because everywhere else kicked you out. So you buy a game, it is what it is, you complain about it a bit then you move on to the next. You might never go back to that game franchise, but you arent threatening the creators of the game with death, you tell your buddies the game was shit and find something that you do like. But the normies simply cant and dont do this. When they play a game they dont like, they feel personally attacked. "How dare someone make something that isnt exactly what i wanted." And its even worse in reverse, when other people dislike something they like "This media was perfect, they must be stupid to not like it."

What we are seeing here are two sides of normies arguing with each other, while both sides blame "gamers." Devs who are in it for "prestige" and "art" getting screamed at by the lowest common denominator because its "popular" and for "clout" while the actual people trying to play the games catch flak for the negligence of both.

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good luck getting the language to change. they can mandate what ever they want, but unless they want to hire people to scrape through every line of code to remove the words its simply not going to happen. Actual engineers are stubborn as fuck, they use what they know works and only what works.

Its easy to change the mind of some designer who entire career is based around what looks nice to the popular crowd, but they simply arent going to change the basement dwellers behind the scenes with something like this.

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Anyone who tries to tell me this isnt an attack by the CCP to divide and conquer the US and to greater degree the west is an absolute liar...

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But the problem is the question of evolving into what? We do not wish to become what we fight, and the only reason we fight is to keep what we have. The reason the community worked to begin with was because each individual community within the hobby space came together against a common enemy, but to do that requires that the individual community wishes for other communities to assist them.

We cant just go around occupying other communities in the name of fighting a "culture war" that would simply make us no different from them. One more activist group looking to maintain relevance.

From the beginning the entire point of gathering together was to eventually not be needed any more.

But with that said, anyone who needs tips or tactics on defending their own hobby or community from woke scolds know where to find us and are welcome to using our tactics.

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for people so caught up in thinking the cheap cycle of revenge story that is TLoU2 is some sort of masterpiece, they sure like taking pot shots at the gamers who have already handed them their ass once.

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Gamer gate is not dead.

Gamergate is very dead. The only people still on it are the very sad clout chasers who need to drive clicks to their dying blogs.

But just because the tag is finished doesnt mean the battle is over nor that the people involved are going anywhere.

The key to success is knowing that sometimes the right move is to move on and rebuild and that you really dont have to continue supporting people who hate you by paying them to shit on your hobbies.

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theres crossover for sure, but there is definitely differences in the degree and the tactics on which the culture war gets fought.

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TBH, is anyone surprised? the rules as they were written were totally self defeating. The new wording at least serves the actual purpose reddit was intending, which is to allow them to arbitrarily action who ever and when ever they want while pretending to moderate fairly.

"those who promote attacks of hate or who try to hide their hate in bad faith claims"

This is literally codifying "rules for thee but none for me" as "bad faith claims" is literally any argument they disagree with.

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dude... Capcoms entire existence just shits all over this entire narrative from literally all possible directions.




and to top everything off


Capcom's roster alone just murders the entire idea behind this article.

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Still sorta scraping about in division 2.

Im basically in a holding pattern until 2077 comes out.

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I dont even care if they are on the lawn. I want them to stop complaining about me trying to mind my own business.

You have a bunch of terrible people, who have surrounded themselves with more terrible people to the point where they simply think everyone is terrible like them and cant be left to their own devices or else they will go on a raping spree...

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of course its boosted. Twitter is basically an advertising platform at this point fueled by bot armies. Basically if you have a blue check you can turn your posts into billboards and thats exactly what twitter wants.

So yes, all those posts by sub 100 follower accounts, that get 100k likes and are immediately followed up with begging for donations that get zero likes are boosted.