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Its not just about keeping people in or out, it also places you in the hierarchy pecking order. If you're new, and are new. Take the gatekeeping as what it is. No one wants to NOT talk about their hobby. The problem with gatekeeping is the term itself. Most people want to talk endlessly about their hobby.

Ever see on Facebook "You aren't from (Town X) if you don't know these 5 things!" The goal is to get someone to click on the article. Gatekeeping WANTS the newbie to respond.

"Gatekeeping" is the "Can you keep up, kid?" challenge. I have many people that enjoy anime but freely admit they have no wish to get in deeper. I'll gladly still share with them, but me asking what they know is so I can judge what they may enjoy in the future, and some friendly ribbing.

Also Madoka is Bokurano to the letter, to the point Madoka even dumps a ton of random chairs into a room in one scene which is a direct motif in Bokurano.

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I can't figure out why Western shit just doesn't sell anymore.

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The point is to do politics Well. Its the ham-fisted force feeding of politics into games people don't want. If its glaringly out of place, you aren't doing it well. If you have a whole MAGA-Clan in a game, and otherwise play the game normally, who is to object?

Consider an online war game where fellow speakers of languages form their own groups and communities. No one care because that's all and well.

There's no reason to cede extra territory to groups that aren't even playing said games.

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Viking was a profession, not a people. "Adventurer"

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Imagine coming to KiA and then spending all this time shifting through the rules.

If the content isn't good enough the individuals involved have the faculties to up or downvote it. What all these rules say is "I don't trust The People, because something they do not produce the outcome I want."

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They would prefer to rule over the ashes of what KiA used to mean rather than risk having a post that is fun or off topic.

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Would it be the end of the world to let...The Users decide? Y'know, the people the sub needs to survive. Pretty sure having no rules isn't going to end the world.

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KiA's mods inherited a movement they did not build and insisted on neutering whatever power it had left just to be allowed to exist.

Being around since 2014 I would come to KiA for daily updates. KiA nowadays I can skip large periods of time because all the news KiA aggregates is all unactionable or uninteresting. It doesn't -do- anything, and anything that comes down to having a little off topic fun to keep people coming back to the sub was disallowed. Its a sad, low energy shell of what was once one of the most powerful organizing forces in the culture war.

But hey, its on topic and easier to manage. Irrelevance has its advantages.

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In the Culture War that sparked GG, what are Unrelated Politics?

As to the content votes "These rules were intended because we don't trust the people to come here to generate the content we want them to."

You say: "Part of the issue was that political posts that had absolutely nothing to do with gaming, journalism ethics, or similar were being posted that nearly every time turned into tribal shit flinging between different political factions over things that had nothing to do with KiA itself. We implemented the rule to curtail that kind of thing before it happened."

Listen, it was Reddit. If someone posted something and it got upvoted and made it to the top - That is how this kind of system works! If a funny post or a tangent post made it to the top maybe it was just a slow news day and people were upvoting a laugh.

KiA was neutered by stuffing it into a little safe box. At one point KiA was the leading edge of the culture war, mentioned by name. For the most part it became long forgotten, just reposting news articles from other places.

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It was because you were saying two things. On one hand your words looked like compromise, but the intent was given away by how the sub itself was run.

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KiA insists on keeping in power those who will overrule the sub as they please. Imagine asking for a vote, it not going your way, and then just overruling the vote.

When the current mod set took over KiA the sub stopped participating in the fight for gaming and merely became spectators.

KiA2 sees no reason to rejoin if all the old corrupt mods are brought right on over.

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Let reddit finally drown in its own madness. Let it become the CHAZ of the internet.