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Unlike whites, where a significant portion actually thinks, it's only the bad conservative whites the sandniggers want to kill.

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A not insignificant number of men are. Not by choice, obviously, but the sex-gap is real.

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How about neither? The milf is damaged goods and probably past her fertile window, the daughter is a cunt.

I agree about this being petty, though.

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She was struck by how many young Arab men valued and looked forward to fatherhood—a sharp contrast with what she heard from young American women, who shared story after story of men “who were simply unready or unwilling to commit.”

Could it be that becoming a father in the arab world doesn't place a sword above your neck that the mother can release for any or no reason at all?

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Sure, but the rule is probably in place to protect poor minorities from '“feel[ing] discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” on account of their race'

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Maybe that's the problem. Did Brand admit to raping anyone? No? Admitting rape is wholesome, not admitting it is harmful. Easy.

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that forbids teachers from making students “feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” on account of their race

They didn't think this through, huh?

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It's worse, no? They get treated as equally capable or completely helpless on a whim. Like, whatever is more convinient in any given moment.

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Yah, and then they started to change the law so that such a thing can never happen again. As In: Women colluding and lying about should not be a reason that the man cannot be convicted.

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a real, serious message

Funny, when most of the shit he says isn't real to begin with. It is serious though, because he joins the choir of the attention-whores that use and perpetuate a narrative that paints him and the people he pretends to like as the ultimate victims when they are anything but.

I'm actually surprised that anyone here hasn't stopped giving an iota of a damn about these 'real, serious messages'

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Most people love to live in the external loci side

I couldn't imagine to live that way. Sounds absolutely horrible.

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She probably burns more calories maintaining that weight (as in, the energy she uses eating and processing the food) than a normal person burns while doing a light gym-regime for an hour.

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In that college-report most of them didn't even claim they were assaulted. The makers of the study decided they were. Also, they had to combine sexual assault and unwanted sexual attention in the headline, lest they wouldn't have the numbers they wanted. Surprising no one, the overwhelming majority of things they counted as sexual assault or unwanted sexual attention was unwanted sexual attention.

Disclaimer: The wording they used wasn't 'unwanted sexual attention' but some other weasel words. I just can't be bothered to lool it up.

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They said that their goal was to create realistic and diverse characters

I mean, they did just that. In reality really beautiful people are quite rare, and even being above average is seen as subpar, because we are used to a higher standard (they are working on that though)

That said: Choosing to reflect reality in a videogame (or film, or comic) is quite moronic. If I wanted to have reality, I'd go outside. Then people are akin to whatever Starfield pushes on us but the Framerate is better and it's in 3D without the need for a headset.

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Interpreting it as the McDonalds-Argument shows that you don't read what you get sent.

I didn't say their content is of any quality whatsoever. I said that they have no reason to change when what they do works. I'd bet that they lose subscribers and views when they start doing what you would want them to do. From their point of view it'd be idiotic to change their output.

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Es sei eine „traurige Entwicklung, daß man manche Dinge nicht mehr ansprechen darf“. Sie habe das „Gefühl, immer wenn man etwas in der Gesellschaft sagt, was nicht dem Mainstream angehört, wird man sehr schnell in eine Ecke gesteckt“

Rough Translation:

It's sad that there seem to be things that cannot be said anymore. She feels that when one says certain things that are not mainstream you'll get assigned bad lables very fast.

Fucking rich, coming from a person that'l call non-muslims every -ism under the sun if they even dared to think bad things about anything alphabet.

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Well, good luck sending the men you'll inevitably need to keep your little country going to die in the trenches for a country that doesn't even care about their own citizens.

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Also: This means that basically all of their safes are compromised by design. You can neither be sure that your posessions are safe from being stolen nor can you be sure that nobody is able to plant incriminating things into it. And you wouldn't even notice it.

There's absolutely no reason to have a master-key for your safes from a buisness-POV, actually it's detrimental to your buisness. If someone was dumb enough to lose their keys, you have them find their own way to access their posessions and sell them a new safe afterwards.

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