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Luckily I couldn't give less of a shit for most reviews.

  • "Professional" reviewers will write whatever they think makes them the most money. If they feel the wrath of the publisher won't hurt them, they'll write clickbait bs. If they are afraid they suck the publishers dick like it's going out of style

  • User-Scores are only relevant with enough additional data, most important: Has the person played the game and how long has he played it. That's why i look at steam reviews and completely ignore metacritic.

I'd really like it, if steam allowed to re-review a game. As in: Make a new review every two months without changing the old one. It would be far easier to determine what you are going into when you buy.

As for article propaganda:

Most often in review bombing, a small group of persons who want to maintain the status quo declares themselves the "voice of the people", purportedly in the name of democracy.

Large groups of people dislike a game that I approve of. This is impossible because my opinion is never wrong and I am on the right side of history. Therefore these negative reviews are the result of a small group of people colluding to ruin my favourite game.

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Considering she has not a lot of shadow to throw from her posterior department this is quite the task.

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When were these kind of jeans ever attractive. I mean, they are making a big comeback right now and it's a major turn off, honestly.

As for Wonder-"Woman" up there. blergh...

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Well, his arms are bigger than hers and he obviously hasn't done any lifting. Or sports. Ever. Checkmate, atheists

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Remember what they think whiteness is. This are the things they think TIPIS BIWOKS BIPOCS cannot achieve.

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At the end of the day it doesn't matter. This decreases their value for normal people (not like they had much of that to begin with) while not really increasing their value for the publishers.

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There's a multitude of ways. Guilt by association. You know, if you agree with someone that free speech is important, you basically are that guy now.

Also: Didn't some already critizice the letter because some of the signatures were from people they disagree with?

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Well, he has a point. All players should have been forced to wear black skins. That way fortnite could have highlighted the number 1 reason blacks are murdered.

Wait, would that be blackface?

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If you ally with feminism and the rest of the intersectionalist sects, you ally with an ideology that at it's very core proposes that there are no good men. So no, Joe's not one of the good ones. Not in the eyes of feminists, because they have no concept of good men and not in reality because you throw all men under the bus for some worthless brownie-points.

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I think MS would like to have at least some 3rd-Party-Developers to develop for their system.

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How will that help us to sell subscriptions?


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So? They showed us what they want with the rules before this. They showed us that it doesn't matter what they write in their rules with their previous rules in the last few years. Everything they write down is only here to give them plausible deniability.

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They realized something we realized some time ago. Normies don't care what happens on the fringes of the internet and twitch and the doctor are still fringe.

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Maybe an unpopular opinion: If you have to do something great as a leader there's bound to be at least one subordinate that will describe you as abusive.

On a related Note: Joss Whedon is still a self proclaimed feminist so he can go fuck handle the shitstorm himself.

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So, the only ones that they still associate with are furries and pedos?

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Well that's fair. 10 extra-points for you.

But ... I also have include your abject failure to manage the project and your complete incompetence in supporting your workforce. So that's minus 10

And while we are at it? You paid them overtime, didn't you? Otherwise that would be another 10 points off.

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Published by Activition. So ... like Crash Team Racing?

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Eh, both KIAs survived on reddit, both will here. I see worth in both.

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It was to be expected. It's the same Mod-Team after all.

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Reddit doesn't learn that you can't kill dissent by silencing it.

Do they though? I find it hard to believe that they really thought this move will help their goals. Do they (et al) overestimate their grip on the conversation, oder do we underestimate peoples threshold for bullshit?

[EDIT]underestimate instead of overestimate[/EDIT]

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Why registering for this? Just wait until KIA2.win is up and running.

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There's bound to be a few hate-readers that will stop and start wondering where all the harrasement is hiding.

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Good vid. I liked the insight into Section 230.

Would be really interesting how someone really competent would setup that law to maximize freedom of speech while minimizing liability for platforms.

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It's funny. I mean reddit made it very clear that the users of the banned subs are not welcome at reddit. This should have been perfect for them. No spilling of users into other subs, all the deplorables leave for greener (or whatever) pastures. Finally reddit is free of hate.

It almost sees like they thought all these people would just stop existing online.

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